Gayaza Girl

Stories from Old Girls and Stakeholders.

Confidence & Sense of Excellence

Gayaza for me was an amazing six years of growth, of finding myself, making amazing friendships and growing in leadership. The confidence and sense of excellence have come with me on my career journey. This Kivite enjoyed the bushman status of Kivebulaya House, and I will always be grateful to my partner in crime LiliOps who I shared a cubicle with and who taught me that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Emma A Mugisha
Head Corporate and Investment Banking

Committed to work

I remember the four years I spent in Cox House, rising up at the sound of an early morning drum beat, doing housework, struggling with prep and P.E. and enjoying the fellowship of community and friends. Gayaza shaped me to have a high view of a deep reverence for God, to develop and maintain loving relationships, be committed to work, and most of all to Never Give Up! Let’s support Gayaza.

Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Victoria Nakintu Nkwanga Katamba
Managing Partner

Manage Time Efficiently

I credit the person I am today, mostly to Gayaza High School. While there, I made some of my best friends to date, learnt to speak up for myself and to plan for and manage time efficiently and effectively.  I am proud to be a Gayaza Girl.  Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Daisy Busingye Kisakye
Network Infrastructure Engineer
CEO of Daisy Sunshine UG

Never Give Up

Most of the key female figures in my life are Gayaza Old Girls. My mother and my two Elder sisters went to Gayaza, as did my maternal Aunts. My wife is also an Old Girl. So you can say that I am a product of the school too. I support the effort to improve the school’s facilities and as a Budonian I would urge the Gayaza Old Girls to ” Never Give Up” because ” Gakyali Mabaga”.

Owek Daudi F.K.Mpanga

Run the World

When everything fails, bring a Gayaza Girl. We run the world! My fondest memory of our hill is that of the ‘Food Store’. No student ever lacked, our grub was indeed ours. 13 years on that mighty hill gave me the best education. Well-grounded in moral, spiritual, social and emotional awareness. It’s with these leadership skills that I now serve in our society, albeit with utmost humility. Guess what, I still never run when it was raining. Thank you Gayaza High and Gayaza Junior. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale.

Lindah Naluyinda
Head of Communications & Marketing

Capably Run the World

Gayaza exposed us to many accomplished women, and because there was no such thing as a ‘boy’s subject’ at school, we were socialised to believe that women quite capably run the world, and there was no such thing as a ‘man’s job’ in our frame of reference. Women did everything, as far as our young minds were concerned. So choosing a career in engineering was an easy, natural choice. Lets give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Edith Namikka Kikonyogo
Chartered Engineer

Can do Anything

Waking up to the sound of music and choir singing ‘The Lord is risen’ on Easter Sunday, is one of the best memories of the school. Gayaza enhanced my confidence from the timid Girl I was when I joined and taught me I could do anything I set my eyes on. I grew to love God and made great friends who have become sisters. I also learnt to value myself and my time of course to ‘Never Give Up’. Let’s give back to the school that nurtured us. #Tugiggale

Gloria Opwonya
Manager Financial Planning and Budgeting

Christian values

I went to both the Junior and High School (probably would have ended up in the University if there was one!) I have beautiful memories of the place. Our headmistress was interesting; She kept us on our toes literally. I always looked forward to her lessons in General Paper because she would tell us stories that used to inspire me. The Christian Foundation I have, was concretised from Gayaza High School and I would not have it any other way. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Allana Namutebi
New Zealand

Very Affable

Gayaza Girls taught me how to be a Gentleman around them and women generally. You cannot afford to be clumsy in your approach to or in your conversation with a Gayaza Girl. If you try, she will teach you the hard and firm way! They are Assertive and headstrong without being Arrogant, They are very Affable.

Tom N.Mbalinda


Going to Gayaza was the one of those life changing moments for me. I was just a girl, but the school moulded me to embrace my womanhood and talents and I was able to blossom. I am the woman that I am today because of the schooling, the etiquette and the social networks from Gayaza. It is now second nature for me to say: ” I am a Gayaza Girl” and will always be. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Maggie Lukowe
Manager -Business Development

An Educator

When I arrived at Gayaza High School in 1984, I was from a rural school. Little did I know that my future had started to take form. As an educator today, I have excelled professionally and academically. People marvel at how articulate I am both in English and French; I owe my eloquence to Gayaza where I learnt these languages from. I feel obliged to give back to the school that created beautiful seams in my life.

Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Ribinah Nazziwa
Nakaseke Core PTC

Maintain High Standards

At first glance, Gayaza Girls could come across as uptight, but that’s because they pay attention to Etiquette, Hygiene and Decency. I don’t know how they managed to learn all that in school but we sure appreciated when they would come home and start practising the home economics lessons on us. I also find Gayaza Girls to be honest, productive and maintain high standards. I totally endorse and support fundraising for the school.

Joe Kahirimbanyi
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Band Leader

Self Driven

I truly believe that i went to the best high school in the world. Gayaza High School has a holistic approach to education. I was equipped for a God-centered, self driven, service-oriented and purposeful-fun life.

Lets’s give back to our school.


Martha Kirabo

Never Give Up

People ask, “What is the secret to success?” There are many answers and I believe that out motto is one of them: “Never Give Up”.  These words resound; These words reassure; Thees words restore; These words reaffirm; These words strengthen; These words guide. “Never Give Up”. Let’s celebrate the opportunity to succeed that Gayaza has given you and I.

Let’s give back to our School. #Tugiggale

Hope Ekudu
Head, Business and Institutional Banking

Authentic Friend

Gayaza gifted me authentic friends and sisters that I connect with at the deepest level. They have been steadfast in the journey of my life. For this undying sisterhood, I am grateful to God and to Gayaza. And of course to the early morning 6am drum that woke me up everyday of the six years I was there. Let’s give back to our School. #Tugiggale

Enid Edroma
General Manager, Corporate Affairs

Organise, Diligent, Committed

Marrying a Gayaza Gurl is probably the best decision I have ever made in my life. I give credit to Gayaza High School for mentoring, nurturing and training the God-fearing, hardworking, productive and influential woman, mother and leader that my wife is. At the School of Law, I notice that Gayaza girls tend to be generally more organised, diligent and committed to their studies. It is an honour to mentor them and guide them to achieve their full potential.

Daniel Ruhweza
Advocate and Lecturer - School of Law

When I think of the six years I spent in Gayaza High School, I think of housework, Alarms, Preps, Roll call, everything I hated…then. Now, I know it is everything that has made me who I am today. Let’s support this great School as it continues to mould more girls like me. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Joyce Katende
FIDA Board Member

Great Women & Leaders

The six years I spent at Gayaza were so fun-filled, sometimes I wonder how I managed to graduate. The friends I made at school are now my greatest network and the values , my greatest asset. My reluctant partners in crime, Legal Counsel Joan Bushara, Dr Juliet Nakku, Jacki Kabugo, Dr Sarah Naikoba, Patricia Kiconco and Barbara Katende are testament that great women and leaders are born out of Gayaza High School. I ‘ll continue to give back to the school as best as i can. Let’s give back to the school. #Tugiggale


Elizabeth Kigozi Ntege
Co-Founder and Director

Sports Passion

As an International Volleyball Referee, the Uganda Volleyball Federation President, and mother of two great Ugandan swimming personalities, I know I owe Gayaza High School and Miss Cutler for igniting my career and sports passion. They were the genesis and stepping stones of the Sports personality that I am today. Giving back to the school would be the greatest honour for any Old Girl and our Acquaintances. Let’s us support it generously. #Tugiggale

Hadija Namanda
Election Officer/ Supervisor, Voter Data Management

Woman of Substance

Gayaza High School is the true epitome of a Woman of Substance. The school taught me the value of hard word and lots of life lessons I would have otherwise never learnt. So I always purpose to fly as high as I can in whatever I set out to do. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Lydia Namono Wesonga
Assistant Editor - Business

Gentle & Intelligent

Being in Gayaza, especially as a Sherbonite, Class Captain, and House Leader, was a chance for me to be boisterous and gentle, awkward and intelligent and explore my potential as a Dancer, Poet, Scientist and Sportswoman. While at Gayaza, I was able bask in the riddle of growing up. Let give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva
Poet, Authur, Blogger, Coach, Public Speaker


There have been several incidences where the fact I went to Gayaza High school , has opened big business doors for me. I am thankful for the confidence, self-esteem, humility and above all, the Christian values that this great school instilled in me. As the saying goes,  “ To whom much is given, much is expected.” I will NEVER GIVE UP on my school. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Brenda Sekabembe Mulema
Managing Director
Bake 4 Me Ltd


When growing up, an emphasis is put on being accomplished. We are encouraged to read hard and get an education so that we can be successful. Gayaza High School groomed us to be ambitious and to succeed in life. And now, years later, I have discovered that being able to give of your time and resources is even more fulfilling.Let’s support this formidable school that has shaped so many women today.

Let’s give back to our school.  #Tugiggale

Rachael Arinaitwe Mwine
Human Resource Business Partner

Insatiable Learner

It takes a sense of personal commitment as a student, especially after you’ve arrived at a position of power and responsibility, to push yourself to grow and challenge conventional wisdom. As a Head girl at Gayaza High school, I was trained beyond just being a bold thinker to being an insatiable learner. And it is those lessons that i will carry with me for life. Let’s give back to ensure our school continues to shine bright. Let’s give back to our School. #Tugiggale

Dr Jackie Naluyimbazi

Strong Women

When people out there meet you, they always ask two questions: What home you grew up in and What School you went to. I am blessed to have been part of the Gayaza fraternity that nurtured me and gave me a solid Christian foundation, with great leadership skills, making me the great woman I am today. So here is to strong women: May we know them; May we be them; May we raise them.

Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Brenda Komugisha
Styled by Kombray


My fondest memory of Gayaza was the “Jajaring” club where we took goodies to the elderly in the school neighbourhood every Friday evening. Gayaza inculcated a caring spirit in us and groomed me into the responsible lady I am today. It’s my ‘clarion’ call to all Old Girls to support our great school to mould more great ladies for this nation and world. Always remember: “The Gayaza Girl does it best.”

Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Pricilla Kisakye Tiba
Lobbying and Advocacy Officer

Poise, Grace. Intelligence & Elegance

Poise, Grace, Intelligence and Elegance. Four qualities that my sisters and all my friends that went to Gayaza share. I believe that this is the true legacy of GHS and we are all blessed because of it.

Paul Magarura

It is an honour to give back to the school that helped make me who I am today. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Josephine Wapakabulo
Engineering Executive

Build a Career & Make a Home

A Man’s dream is to marry a Woman who perfects the balance between building a career and making a home. Gayaza Girls model this perfectly well. I am so blessed to be married to one.

Solomon Mugisha Ondoma MD


“Ewang Gayaza, where I come from, ffe, nze you don’t ask me twice.”  This was the opening line of the poem that won Corby House GAPA Cup in 2010. Gayaza’s name speaks for itself. I was taught to be disciplined, hardworking and confident. Nine years later, I am proud to stand out in my profession because of what Gayaza made me. Let’s all give back to the institute that made us the great ladies we are today

Irene Kisakye Henrietta
ICT Specailist


Gayaza is the source of some of the fondest memories I have of high School. I was at GHS briefly and yet when it was time to return to my high school abroad, I was in tears. During those short months, I made deep friendships that would last a life time. The experience of boarding with amazing young women in an environment that fostered talent, discipline and self confidence was a turning point for me. I am proud to support this fundraiser and I hope you will too.   #Tugiggale

Samallie Kiyingi
General Counsel, African Export
Import Bank

Neat & Friendly

As I prepared to join Gayaza, I had very high expectations! And I was not disappointed. The lawns were clean, the room orderly, the girls neat and friendly, and one had much to engage in, if you cared, from peeling potatoes in the Dining Room to interesting classes spiced with music. I learnt a sense of purpose, the spirit of sharing and strength of prayer. Strong friendships were made and still abound. Thank you Gayaza for making a strong woman of me. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Justice Eva Luswata Kavuma

Set High Goals

I owe my international career to Gayaza High School where I was taught that setting high goals and never giving up is the key to success. I am proud to be associated with this great school and the wonderful sisterhood of Gayaza Ladies who inspire me everyday. Let’s give back to our school . #Tugiggale

Dr Rose Mwebaza

Passion & Perseverance

As a CEO working closely with Old Gayaza Girls, at both the board and management level, I can testify that their “Never Give Up” spirit has been a key driver in the organisation’s successful transformation journey. Their work ethic is defined by “Grit: the power of passion and perseverance” If you are seeking success for your organisation, my advice is that you must strive to work with Gayaza Old Girls.

Dr. Eng, Harrison E.Mutikanga

Great Listeners & Very Organised

Living with a Gayaza Girl has been such an experience. I don’t worry about the details because I know she will pick them up. Gayaza Girls are great listeners and very organised. They also speak English from ‘another country’. Everyone needs to support this great cause to the school that has produced these gems.

Isaac Serukenya
Consulting Engineer, CEO
Newplan Limited

The Best

There’s something about a Gayaza Girl that assures us all that we are dealing with the best. They are confident and have proven their greatness repeatedly. How the school continues to inspire past and future generations to reach their potential, we may never know! What we know is that we must keep it going for the sake of our daughters and theirs to follow!

Paul Ekudu
Managing Director
Arrow Capital

Responsible Member of Society

I never give up. I am cultured. I am a responsible member of society. I grew up on Gayaza Road. My mother is a Gayaza Girl. My wife is a Gayaza Girl. I am a proud Budonian and will support the Gayaza Drive.


Dr Ivan Kiggumdu Mambule
Clinical Research Scientist
Uganda Research Unit

Full of Positive Energy

I thank Gayaza High School for moulding my Wife into the Lady she is today, full of positive energy and very committed to being a better friend, wife and mother every day. I couldn’t ask God for anything more. Thank you Gayaza High School for preparing awesome ladies in this nation.

Dr Kenneth Nyombi
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Kumi Orthopaedic Center

Full of Gratitude

I spent my formative years at Gayaza High School, where my four sisters, mother and two aunties were also nurtured. My heart is full of gratitude as I remember the woman from Great Britain who came to do this good work in selfless service to God and this country. I am proud to be part of this legacy which others have successfully maintained throughout the most difficult times. May God continue to bless this school! Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale


Justice Alexandra Nkonge Rugadya

Support Each Other

I remember the early morning Scottish Dancing at 6am. I remember working so hard to consistently make to ‘Familie’; I remember the grief that came with not qualifying to join the chapel choir! I remember the heartbreaks after social that taught us to support each other emotionally. As the class Captain 1D, House Leader of Cox House and Head Girl, Gayaza moulded me. And now, I see Gayaza in the authentic tribe of friends, loyal to death. Gayaza will forever be a part of me. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Grace N Gwaku
Head of International Premium Spirits and Reserve Brands

Christian Values

In Gayaza, effort and merit were rewarded so doing your best was the only option! We thus learnt the work ethic. The variety of Christian gatherings inculcated in us Christian values and we learnt to trust God as the true anchor that directs life. What a joy to support this great school. Let’s give back to our school. #Tugiggale

Julianne Susanne Sansa-Otim (PhD)
Senior Lecturer

Impeccable, Resilient & Resourceful

Not only am I married to a Gayaza Girl, I was raised with them. Gayaza Girls are impeccable, resilient and resourceful all the time. Whether it be work or stressors from motherhood, Gayaza Girls never buckle under pressure and have an amazing ability to bounce back after setbacks! Gayaza Girls  NEVER GIVE UP!.

Moses Wavamunno
Consultant Nephrologist
Western Sydney LHD Blacktown Hospital NSW