Beatrice Geria

Mrs Beatrice Geria studied at Gayaza High School from 1979-1982 and was most pleasantly surprised to see Music on the syllabus, which she enjoyed dearly. Little did I know that it would become part of my identity. Her qualifications: Dip. Ed, BA, ABRSM (Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music) Dip. Principles of Voice Teaching, and MBA.
Mrs. Geria was in Hutchinson House, where she was tasked with roles such as leading stationary housework team, Farm Leader, and Publicity Secretary of the Christian Club Committee. She owes her spiritual and leadership roots to Gayaza High School.
In 1988, Mrs Geria returned to Gayaza High School as a teacher of Music, English and Literature, after some encouragement from her Music teacher, Ms Hobday. For most part of her teaching career, She taught Music till 2018. In 2019, she joined King’s College Budo where She taught English and Literature.
For many years, she taught at Gayaza and enjoyed interacting with both the students and staff members. Her passion for Children led her into the Sunday school ministry but she later got fully involved by the Chapel Choir.
She also started a nursery school called Little Lamb School, which has served the Gayaza High School community and neighborhood for over 25 years.
In conclusion, Music isn’t just a subject that Mrs. Geria teaches, it is a skill that she uses to teach others as well as spread the word of the lord. She is very passionate about children and Youth and is always ready to spare time for them.