Justice Julia Sebutinde seeks re-election to the International Court of Justice

On November 11th The UN General Assembly and Security Council will elect 5 judges (out of 15) to the The International Court of Justice ( ICJ ) for a term of office of 9 years, starting on 6 February 2021. Our very own Justice Julia Sebutinde (1st African woman to serve on the ICJ ) is seeking re-election.

Let’s support her with our prayers.

The ICJ, the highest global court and principal judicial organ of the United Nations, has had only 4 women out of 108 ICJ judges, serve on the Court since its establishment in 1946.

 While consideration of gender diversity is not a formal requirement, when electing judges, the General Assembly and the Security Council should take into account gender representation on the Court in accordance with fundamental principles of international law, such as the principle of non-discrimination, the right to equality and the right of access to decision-making. These fundamental rights are envisaged in the UN Charter.