Miss Warren’s Christmas Letter

Warren View and so on!

 Christmas 2020

Dear Friends and family,

Christmas GREETINGS in the strangest year ever, except that the Good News is more wonderful than ever, isn’t it! I hope you are all able to Rejoice, as so many good books counsel at this season, and have some feeling of the deep joy and nature of a season that is so special for families and friends.

Quite apart from COVID-19 and Brexit (enough of those for now), it has been a strange year and, in many ways, sad: Corby House, Gayaza, burnt down during prep time in January, and the girls who’d just come, many SI, losing all their new stuff, let alone the expense and concern for a new Headteacher, and later the Ivory Tower Makerere, also losing to fire its precious records as well as the building. And so many of our friends have died, among them mine of 60 years, almost to the day, when I met Ann Cutler in UK and soon lived with or alongside her for many of the years 1960 to 2001 and then with her for the next 15, following her stays in Care Homes after that till on 13 May she left us, not mercifully having much idea of pandemics, in the care of some amazing staff at Haslemere, and having enjoyed and appreciated visits from so many OGs .I was grateful that I was the last person who spoke to her and got her smile as reply(over the nurse’s phone) She would have been astonished at the tributes to her life that were shared later! Her funeral for just a handful had her family, two local friends, including the clergy lady, and 6 of us from Gayaza (-representing Janice was at least her music as well as Alice’s). Then there was Namirembe to follow !!!

And I guess we’ve all lost friends and relatives one way or another this year and been sad that so few people were able to be there to share the grief and the celebration of their lives.

But on the other hand, so many amazing things have changed: people smile on the path as you go by; neighbours come round offering all kinds of help; many drivers acknowledge you’re getting out of their path; local shopkeepers ask if you’re all right.. and church has changed, not exactly for the better, but somehow ready to embrace change and go with it. And generosity abounds. I had nearly as many flowers at 93 as I had at 90! I was glad I still had Ann’s vases!

 Thank you all so much for love and prayers. At present, someone is busy getting a laptop reprint of Come Back at Two (nearly ready) and then the  GHS History available, though minus Christina’s lovely illustrations and with some changes in the history photos, (My fingers are becoming very perverse now and  it is hard to believe I typed them both once on a word processor without having any typing skills)I am reminded, saying that, of my dismay at hearing every day the murder of our language!( e.g. Absolutely for Yes..lay and lie confused; past participles for past tense; tenses haywire, all adjectives now adverbs etc etc and really to end 90% of what is said, as well..grrh!)

The only absolutely belongs to DEC 25, really, and because that is so we can go into 2021 singing:              

                                ‘Tis Jesus the first and the last

                                Whose Spirit will guide us safe home:

                                we’ll praise him for all that is past

                                and trust him for all that’s to come.  Joseph Hart C18th Hymn 464 in CP.

With love always,


and   Fidget, our Norwich terrier, happily in a new home here and remembers us when she sees me.