Justice Lillian Tibatemwa

Lillian Tibatemwa- Ekirikubinza, currently a Justice of the Uganda Supreme Court. A lady of many firsts. 1st Female to hold the position of Vice-Chancellor, Makerere University, 1st Female to be appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor of yet the same institution.
Justice Tibatemwa- Ekirikubinza is a Certified Judicial Educator and an alumna of several international Judicial Training Institutions, one of the pioneer trainers on the Jurisprudence of Equality Programme which introduced the training of Judicial Officers in the area of Gender and Human Rights into the Uganda Judiciary.
Lillian is a Commissioner on the International Commission of Jurists, an International human rights, non-governmental organization consisting of 60 eminent jurists who aim at developing national and international human rights standards through the law.
An Alumna of the International Women’s Leadership Forum, a body that supports emerging leaders of tomorrow to achieve breakthroughs. She joined  Gayaza High School in the 1970s.
1st Female Associate Professor of Law in the East African Region. 1st Female Professor of Law in the East African Region, 1st East African female to graduate with a Ph.D. in Law, and 1st Ugandan to be appointed to the Constitutional Court and then-Supreme Court solely based on scholarly work.  She is a highly experienced and widely researched legal scholar and a renowned author in Judicial and legal matters. An author of Legal texts which are currently used as reference texts in East African Law schools.
Our lady of many firsts is a team player with well equipped administrative and leadership skills. She has mastered the art of nurturing and mentoring young professionals. Lillian is highly adaptable which is shown in her successful transition from a purely academic role into management of Higher Education and later joining the Judiciary!
An exceptional wife and mother amidst all her responsibilities!