Former Teachers

Miss Ann Cutler

The Church Missionary Society, Church of Uganda and the Gayaza High School fraternity with deep sadness announce 

the passing of Ms. Anne Cutler on Wednesday 13th May 2020 in UK.

She joined Gayaza High School in 1961, where she served for 40 years. We are extremely grateful for her contribution to the 

Church, girls’ education, girls’ empowerment, and sports.

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Robinah Kizito Gayaza High School Head Teacher

"We celebrate somebody who lived with us and taught us how a Christian teacher behaves. She was a very committed teacher who always kept time. She was very particular and knew all the students by looking at their feet. Very few students then had the privilege of owning sports shoes so they would go for PE without shoes. She taught us Scottish dance, which she would do once a week. At the beginning of the term, she would take our measurements to know our level of growth; height, and weight. When you improved she would feel very happy. Cutler exposed us to lots of games like table tennis, country dancing, and netball, among others. When we came back to teach, she always made us feel comfortable and there is a lot we learnt from her. Currently, whenever we sing some songs like the Gayaza Anthem we remember her because she loved singing."

Dr Rose Kagwa Gayaza High School PTA Chair

"We thank God for having given us Miss Cutler. She was a blessing to us all and moulded us into the women we are today. Her Faith and Love for the Lord was very deep. I remember getting my first punishment in Gayaza before even making a week in the school. This was during our first hockey game to which she very clearly told us not to raise our hockey sticks at 180 degrees but keep them at about 45 degrees. So to me who loved Maths this was really clear. Lo and behold one of us who l will not mention swung her stick way up almost knocking me over. I without thinking yelled at her are you mad!! To my surprise l was told to stand aside and watch the rest play not the one who had swung her stick. That was a  test of humility. It was a reminder to think before you speak. It was a lesson l will not forget. May her soul rest in Eternal peace."