Mrs. Robinah Kizito

Mrs. Robinah Kizito was at Gayaza High School from 1982 to 1985, a proud member and house leader of Hutchinson House.
She later re-joined the school in 1992 as a teacher of the English language and Literature in English. She was appointed acting deputy headteacher in 2006 and held the office until 2014.
In 2015, Mrs. Kizito was transferred to Makerere College School as deputy headteacher and Literature teacher. She was later appointed headteacher of Kitebi Secondary School where she stayed until October 2019.
In October 2019, Mrs. Kizito was appointed headteacher of Gayaza High School and took office in October 2019.

Mrs. Kizito is grateful to Gayaza for the Christian, moral and academic values the school instilled in her as a student, and strives to pass them on to the girls that have been entrusted to her care as teacher and headmistress. She also appreciates the cultural and religious diversity at Gayaza.
Her goal as headteacher is to uphold the values and culture of Gayaza High School as she and her colleagues strive to mould Gayaza girls into the best they can be.